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April 15 — Guided canoe/kayak trip


FULL -- May 19 - Guided canoe trip

Join us for a guided canoe/kayak ride that will be the most informative you will ever take! Our expert ecologist will lead a float down Rock Springs Run on April 15. This is an unbeatable voyage into a wild, scenic and biologically distinct river run that offers idyllic vistas and a serene experience through protected natural lands.

We will leave from Kings Landing at 8 a.m. but please be there at 7:30. We'll float the 8.5 mile stretch to Wekiva Island. We have concluded that it will be easiest for most of us to use the shuttle service provided by Kings Landing. The costs for the guided trip is $25 plus the following fees. Fees are paid only in cash at Kings Landing:

  1. If you have your own canoe or kayak and don’t need a shuttle: $10 launching fee,
  2. with your own canoe or kayak and you use the shuttle service: $20,
  3. rent a kayak, with shuttle: $30,
  4. rent a canoe, with shuttle: $40, and
  5. rent a double kayak, with shuttle: $50.

You cannot bring glass or Styrofoam on the river. Bring your own water, snacks, sunscreen, etc.

This stretch of the river boasts unique features, including subtle changes in the canopy vegetation as you move across mixed floodplain swamp, bald cypress swamp, live oak hammock and loblolly pine forest communities adjacent to the river. The Run itself varies from a narrow passage between forested communities with little vegetation in the channel to broader sections with islands of floating vegetation. The changes in habitat on the banks of the river and the correlated shift in aquatic habitat influence dominant plants and  the wildlife that lives there.

For questions and to reserve your spot, email or call 407-788-2619.

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