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Fire in Wekiva – Oct. 15



Fire brings life to Wekiva. On Oct. 15, you can see first hand the results on a beautiful tram ride guided by expert ecologists and biologists who use controlled burns to keep Wekiva's more than 40,000 acres healthy.
Meet at the Sand Lake parking lot in Wekiwa Springs State Park at 8:30 a.m. From there, we will take a park-provided tram on a course through flatwoods, hammocks and sandhills. Experts will show you recent and older burn sites and the wonders that result. In the fall, Wekiva's sandhills are usually flush with the showy flowers of native plants that are adapted to frequent fire.
We won’t hike too far on this trip, but wear comfortable clothing and bring water and any snacks or personal items you ...may need while you are in the far reaches of the park for 3 hours. We will be back to the parking lot before noon.
This is part of our Wekiva Wilderness series of six three-hour events including a night hike, canoe ride and multiple day field trips to experience wildlife, see how fire fuels life in the forest, recognize different kinds of frogs, count birds and understand our springs and unique habitats, plus much more. Attend one, some or all of the classes. $25 each. $100 for all. To see the schedule, more info and to register, visit or email FriendsWekivaRiver@gmail. Or call 407-788-2619 for general info about the classes. For specific information about the fire class, email

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